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Whistle Zine Volume 2 Issue 1

Image of Whistle Zine Volume 2 Issue 1


Still whistling. The second volume of Whistle Zine starts here.
Featuring the work of

Alain Marciano
Alyssa Cressotti
Chris Bird
Heather Jenkinson
Kaitlin Allen
Lindsay Costello
Melissa Mayhew
Rebecca Chapman
Roberto Vodanovic
Samantha Woolson
Taidgh Lynch
Zach Hamilton
Victoria Jenkinson

Only 40 copies of this issue produced. Booklet with watercolor paper covers, newsprint interiors inside a hand cut, lino stamped paper envelope. Copy edited by Kaitlin Allen. Designed, printed & assembled in a tiny room by Bridgette Blanton/Lady Grey Illustration & Design in the USA.

Only 27 of 40 zines left!

{see a glimpse of the zine on the Whistle Tumblr}